Our role in East Africa

On the basis of more than 10 years OD practice, EASUN knows it is necessary to build the consciousness of individuals within an organisation in order for that organisation to effect change in society.  Thus, EASUN's OD practice is premised upon management and mastery of the inner path of individuals.

Specifically, EASUN builds the capacities of individuals to recognise and extend their intrinsic values, vision, commitment and power. In this way, individuals become agents of change who empower others and their organisations. Ultimately, it is the organisations of empowered, self-aware individuals that can model and effectively lead the way toward truly just, inclusive, participatory and peaceful communities.

In effect, EASUN's OD practice advances development as a product of reflective learning and other practices that empower individuals, organisations and communities. By ensuring the self-awareness of development workers and CSOs, EASUN contributes to a wider mission to build African self reliance and self determination.

To learn how EASUN can assist you to develop a more conscious and sustainable impact in the communities that you serve, contact:

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