Message from the Chair

EASUN’s new strategic orientation toward 2018 includes promoting movement building and joint action with local CSOs and various other advocacy platforms. The latter has included facilitating the growth of a movement through which capacity development practitioners in East Africa are seeking to transform power relations between experts, intermediaries and local communities.

Implementation of the new strategy in 2014 enabled EASUN to secure a new avenue for transforming the capacities of local organisations, enabling them to bring about fundamental changes in governance practices from grassroots to district government levels.

Partnership building and networking in EASUN is a strategy focused on facilitating civil society growth and development at various levels. At the regional level, for instance, 52 members of APODEA (Association for Practicing OD in East Africa) gathered in meetings where they shared experiences and tools for building sustainable capacities of local institutions. They also developed action plans to strengthen the movement itself. APODEA was created in 2010 on the foundations of initial annual events organized by EASUN to strengthen OD practice of its Associates in the East African region.

On behalf of the EASUN board of trustees and staff members, I take this opportunity to thank all those who have supported EASUN’s work. The rapidly changing social and political environments influencing partnership building for development are currently quite challenging and difficult to anticipate and manage effectively in a proactive manner.

EASUN, like many other CSOs, has had to strive under the difficult circumstances of dwindling financial resources. In that regard, I want to express EASUN’s appreciation of two funding partners EED and HIVOS, who endured the rough and tumble of change in their own societies and continued to be in solidarity with EASUN.

We are looking forward to further collaboration with all of you in 2015 and beyond


Aginatha Rutazaa
Chairperson, EASUN Board of Trustees