Our approach

EASUN transforms workplaces in East Africa to become “learning organisations” that mediate and advocate for social and economic development more effectively. To this end, EASUN performs direct workplace interventions, organises learning opportunities for development workers, and provides training in facilitation of development processes. In this way, CSOs are strengthened and become more closely aligned with their own intrinsic and organisational values and practices. 

As the culture of these organisations evolve, they become exemplars for ways of living which are grounded upon a will for social justice and a commitment to combat inequality, fear and poverty. Ultimately, this transformation enables a more cohesive and dynamic vision of  “development” within the region.

EASUN believes that an effective OD process builds the capacity of an organisation to become emotionally, morally and ethically centred. Thus, EASUN’s OD interventions are: (1) planned; (2) organisation-wide; (3) managed to increase organisation effectiveness and health.

The concept of OD, broadly speaking, focuses on the techniques and best practices which can be employed in order that an organisation runs in a more efficient, harmonious and effective manner, not just in terms of programmes but also in terms of the staff of the organisation itself. OD is therefore a body of knowledge and practice that enhances organisational performance through the development and empowerment of human systems (formal and informal groups, organisations, communities and societies). This is evident in its inclusive methodologies and approaches to strategic planning, organisation design, leadership development, change management and coaching.

Overall, EASUN's approach to OD is to help members of an organisation to create a shared picture and come to a common understanding of what their situation looks like at any given moment. It enables an organisation to take ownership of lived experiences, find shared meaning, accept responsibility and generate the necessary emotional and physical capacities to manage and sustain choices made. The type of support EASUN provides for each organisation varies according to the nature of that organisation and its specific development questions at a given moment.