Our activities

Eighty percent of EASUN’s work is comprised of advocacy for civil society development through networking activities, OD, community mobilisation training, and knowledge sharing workshops. The remaining 20% involves direct OD interventions to strengthen the capacities of CSOs to manage strategic shifts in governance, leadership, systems and organisational culture.

Activities and achievements in 2009

EASUN equipped seven budding OD practitioners in East Africa with new tools towards programme associateship and development of a community of practitioners who intervene for deep change in leadership and governance approaches.

EASUN trained 22 leaders and senior programme staff in skills for facilitating development of workplaces and leadership practices to become more facilitative, participative and equitable.

EASUN enrolled the first young woman intern in a four year leadership development programme for strengthening and modeling women’s leadership in the region.

EASUN organised a conference for graduates of EASUN’s OD and facilitative leaders training course after the first 10 years - during this 10 year period, in fact, 140 graduates from Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania have been produced.

EASUN equipped 34 field workers with skills and tools for mobilising grassroots communities for advocacy and social movement building.

EASUN facilitated 20 CSO leaders from Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania to engage in learning and dialogue about gender institutionalisation as an intervention for transforming organisational culture towards more equitable governance practices.

EASUN established a referral system for information exchange on institutional development services to grassroots organisations.

EASUN engaged nine CBOs and 21 participants from NGO umbrellas and networks in consultations towards improved strategies for institutional development of CBOs.

EASUN facilitated OD processes for eight CSOs to re-align their activities with purpose during times of leadership transitions and strategic re-thinking.

EASUN facilitated 15 leaders from Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania to share experiences and develop models for managing leadership transitions in their organisations.