Frequent questions

Q: Is EASUN a membership or umbrella organisation for Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in Tanzania?
A: EASUN is neither a membership nor an umbrella organisation. Its services of institutional development to CSOs are achieved through organization development support, training and coaching of leaders in change management and sharing of information and experiences on critical issues affecting this sector.

Q: Does EASUN provide financial support to NGOs?
A: EASUN provides professional Organisation Development (OD) consultancies and strategic support for institutional development. Its support to CSOs therefore, is that of strengthening organisational capacities for increased effectiveness and increased impact.

Q: Does EASUN work with Community Based Organisations (CBOs)?
A: Within the overall OD programme of EASUN is the Capacity Building with CBOs programme which has a special focus based on the unique challenges and needs of grassroots organisations and communities.

Q: How can our organisation subscribe to EASUN’s Turning Points newsletter?
A: Turning Points is a bi-annual newsletter that is published by EASUN. It shares OD practice issues, perspectives on capacity building and institutional development concerns. The newsletter also keeps our readers abreast of available services, and of learning and training opportunities in the region. Call, write or email us and request to be added to the Turning Points mailing list. Please be sure to provide us with your organisation's name and current postal address.

Q: Can our organisation make a contribution to an upcoming issue of EASUN's Turning Points newsletter?
A: EASUN invites article submissions that capture experiences related to organisational and institutional development issues that affect the growth and development of CSOs. Send your contributions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.