“Organisations are living organisms. At EASUN, we are working to develop East Africa (civil society and civil society organisations) as living, breathing, growing, transforming and human places where all men and women have equal opportunities to enjoy political, economic and social rights and to contribute their best toward real and effective development.” 
(Mosi Kisare, EASUN Executive Director)

EASUN's methodology is to dedicate 80% of its work to advocacy for civil society development through networking activities, OD, community mobilisation training, and knowledge sharing workshops. The remaining 20% involves direct OD interventions to strengthen the capacities of CSOs to manage strategic shifts in governance, leadership, systems and organisational culture. EASUN’s OD practice is intrinsically linked with institutional development (ID). The OD/ID interface is the core of EASUN’s strategy; it cultivates the awareness and skilled management of identity, values and strategic activities by CSOs.

EASUN's practice includes: organising activities that raise awareness and strengthen the advocacy potential of CSOs; conducting action research and training to strengthen organisational self-awareness at grassroots levels; developing CSOs’ capacities to manage change and sustain effectiveness towards stated visions; assisting CSOs to clarify their values and identity so they can achieve increased local legitimacy and support; facilitating conscious, working values of good governance, equality, ownership and participation; and training CSOs to promote empowerment of development in East Africa.

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