Leadership for change

This programme builds facilitation and leadership skills of strategically placed individuals in the civil society sector.

Facilitation and leadership (or leader as facilitator) are twin concepts and qualities that in themselves carry most of the potential for transforming social, organisational and institutional systems, structures and processes. The relational outcomes of participation, peace, justice and equality are mere outcomes of facilitative leadership and appropriately aligned organisational culture, processes and systems of governance.

Each year, EASUN equips more than 100 men and women leaders of CSOs with new knowledge and skills for facilitating their organisations to become more democratic in their approaches and systems of governance, thus increasing their ability and relevance in fostering equitable social and economic development.

The programme includes:

  • OD and facilitation skills training (learn more about EASUN's FOD and FAF training courses);
  • Internship for young women leaders.
  • Mentorship/coaching of Associates and Apprentices enrolled in an OD practice strengthening programme.

Through these activities, EASUN envisions a growing pool of development practitioners in East Africa with skills to support both organisational development and institutional grounding of CSOs.

Key elements of the programme include: developing personal leadership skills; increasing awareness of organisational work processes and structures; building capacities for reflective practice and self-development of individuals who facilitate development in others; increasing skills and confidence to mentor leaders and organisations to become more inclusive and participatory; building skills in strategic restructuring for institutional grounding of development organisations.