FAF (Fieldworkers skills)

Facilitation Skills for Fieldworkers (FAF) is a course for fieldworkers and programme staff of development NGOs that will greatly increase your skills and professionalism in facilitating learning and development at local community levels.

FAF was developed in response to challenges specific to development at grassroots levels, which emerged from ongoing action research activities within EASUN's CBO capacity building programme. The fact is that fieldworkers perform under high pressure to address immediate community needs - and often this is at the expense of building the community's capacity to deal with future challenges in a sustainable manner.

Thus, building fieldworkers effective practice involves the conscious development of approaches, methods and tools that respect and integrate local knowledge.

Course objectives:

  • To broaden understanding of facilitation, learning and the principles of organisational functioning.
  • To acquire an effective facilitative posture to enhance local ownership and responsibility for own development.
  • To develop skills to apply tools, techniques and processes for enabling learning and change to take place in development situations.

Course methodology and curriculum: The course is comprised of three 5-day residential modules spread over a period of 8 months. Learning, in this course, is guided by the principles of OD as a unique approach to capacity building. The course curriculum covers the following areas:

  • The posture of the fieldworker (i.e. qualities that the fieldworker brings to the community as an individual and how that enables or hinders development).
  • Building organisations: general organisational development awareness, particularly through specific frameworks for understanding how organisations and groups function and evolve over time.
  • Specific tools, exercises and processes for facilitating learning and creating commitment and ownership for that learning.

Who can attend? Field workers and programme staff of NGDOs who work with CBOs and communities. Participants should be in a position to share their experiences in working with communities as learning will be based on actual experiences from fieldwork.     

Role of the participating organisation: The Facilitation Skills for Fieldworkers (FAF) course is conducted at organisational level. The organisation will be expected to create time and space for participants to apply their knowledge and skills in work situations. It is also hoped that the organisation will remain open to looking at the challenges facing it with new perspectives, to enable individual learning of their staff to enhance organisational learning.

Role of participants: Participants are expected to attend and complete all the three modules; undertake a learning/change exercise in their work situation in between the modules; be willing to share their experiences and try out new ways of doing things.

Participation costs: The participating organisation will cover facilitation fees, upkeep and travel for two facilitators, documentation and training materials.