Organisational Development

An OD intervention will help your organisation be the best it can, toward achieving its stated purpose

EASUN's OD work strengthens an organisation's ability to manage change and other strategic strategic organisational processes such as leadership, teamwork, decision-making and visioning future directions. As a Civil Society Organisation (CSO), the most critical aspect of EASUN's OD work is to support intermediary CSO's and community groups toward sustainable institutional growth and social development.

EASUN undertakes OD interventions to help organisations surface unconscious processes, relationships and level activities that lead to negative environments and low performance, quite often inspite of heavy investments in good training of staff members. OD is essentially a self-assessment that helps an organisation embark on its development path with clear strategies and plans to more consciously manage different organisational levels.

Ultimately, an OD intervention will enable your organisation to plan and manage its systems, activities and change; to become a more developmental place of effective collaboration. It will build your organisation's capacity to achieve and sustain a desired state that benefits the communities and the world around it.

OD is advocacy

Salma Maoulidi, an OD Associate with EASUN, has no doubt that OD is not a quick-fix activity. At its core, OD is a political statement in how we practice development. She proceeds to illustrate this view as follows:

Many CSOs I work with tend to express surprise at my orientation as an OD consultant. They question my reluctance to posture as having the answer for all their development questions, whenever I engage them in learning processes that prepare them to exercise greater self autonomy. They find it hard to believe that I recognise they have wisdom sound enough to help their organisation out of stuck situations.

Yet, the individuals that make up these organisations are people who, like me, are pushed by a desire to intervene in their communities in order to bring about positive development. They bank on a sense of citizen obligation to become civically engaged in the service of their communities. How is it then that expectations of our engagement in capacity building often results in our assuming roles that appear to be in opposition to an emancipatory agenda?

The advocacy aspect of EASUN's OD work is partly based on awareness of the current ubiquitous OD-like activities that have a very high likelihood of disempowering their clients. We approach OD from a value base that requires the consultant to be conscious of his/her power, and more deliberately seek a mutually respectful relationship with the client. Adherence to the latter practice principle is the most challenging part of the OD discipline. It is also the big difference that EASUN unwaveringly commits to bringing into your experience of an OD process.

Contact EASUN for OD interventions in various areas including:

  • identifying/diagnosing current organizational questions;
  • team building;developing team learning systems;
  • strategic thinking/planning;
  • practice reviews and values clarification;
  • Board training;
  • executive coaching;
  • leadership transition management support.