Programs and Services

Empowered individuals are central to the development process. EASUN’s work with CSOs therefore emphasises attention to self-awareness of individuals, organisations and institutions. This means building their capacities to work consciously with their values and vision to sustain commitment to empowering others through their development work.

Training FOD: EASUN trains development practitioners in the Facilitation of Organisation Development (FOD) so they become catalysts for self-discovery, creativity and productivity, and they discover a greater sense of purpose for their lives and for their organisations.

Training FAF: EASUN trains community development workers in Facilitation skills for Fieldworkers (FAF) so they become competent with learning tools in project situations, more accountable, and more responsive to their constituents.

Performing OD: EASUN performs custom organisation development (OD) interventions to unearth a CSO’s unique culture, to understand and address contradictions in that culture and to align values, relationships and structure with vision.

Strengthening governance: EASUN facilitates governing boards and management teams within CSOs to rethink the nature of governance in their organisation and to develop systems and relationships that uphold the organisations' values and methodologies.

Strengthening leadership: EASUN integrates the feminine construct of leadership into wider organisational practices and supports CSOs to move away from a competitive posture toward one that is more collaborative and balanced in managing potential.

Empowering women: EASUN facilitates women's empowerment by strengthening women's organisations, by building women's confidence, by offering an internship for young women leaders and by supporting CSOs to embrace organisational practices that celebrate transformational leadership qualities of women.

Documenting development: EASUN documents regional perspectives on “development” and civil society, and shares these perspectives nationally and internationally to facilitate wider dialogue about the role of civil society in combating social injustice.

Growing CSOs: Across and throughout its OD practice, EASUN assists individuals to develop new thinking, to reframe concepts, to develop new perspectives, and to change standards of judgement.

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