Developing CSOs as a model and source of transformational leadership

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The number of leaders trained by EASUN since 1997 reached 502 (women 214, men 282) in 2014

What EASUN achieved in 2014
IMG 1411Trained Board members are offering their knowledge and skills to support programme and change management 
IMG 1462Supported organizations made policy and process changes to promote equitable participation of women
and men in governance. 

40 trained Leaders changed practices from top down to facilitative interactions in organizational and community situations

Twelve (12) trained and coached leaders were followed up between January and June 2014

Four (4) Trained leaders introduced organizational learning practices in their organizations, which includes the use of powerful learning tools in activity evaluations;

One (1) trained leader helped his organization to reframe its understanding of leadership by using images of transformational leadership in coaching managers;

One (1) trained leader introduced a process for strengthening organizational learning and changed the culture by which staff are appraised and promoted in the organization;

One (1) trained leader was invited to train teachers of a Girls’ school in Uganda in transformational leadership skills;

One (1) trained woman leader in Tanzania transformed the culture of family meetings from confrontation to dialogue, which changed the practice of the annual meeting in the family;

Forty (40) leaders trained in the context of partnership with local CBOs implemented changed their leadership practices, mostly from top-down to facilitative interactions in organizational and community situations.